Project Activities

Our project activities aim to involve young people in all aspects of the study.

We are capturing a range of perspectives and ideas from young people in Ghana and the UK and other key stakeholders supporting young migrants.

Key activities include:

  • Group discussions, interviews and photo-elicitation with young migrants in Ghana aged 15-24 years old.
  • Stakeholder discussions and consultations with policy-makers and organisations supporting young migrants in Ghana and the UK.
  • Young Person Advisory Group (YPAG) discussions: Our YPAG members help to guide us on how best to engage young people in the project activities. Visit our Project Team to see our YPAG members.
  • Research-to-action platform and blog with young people: Get involved with the project by posting your ideas on Our Blog or Contact Us.
  • A participatory research workshop, public events and seminars.
    See our News Feed for updates on these events
  • See our project publications and other resources at our Resources Page
Group of people holding the Ghanaian flag

Ongoing project activities