Our Participation in the Migration Matters Festival

Now in its sixth year, the Migration Matters Festival in Sheffield is a global celebration of sanctuary, live from Sheffield. It is the largest Refugee Week Festival in the UK – an arts festival that celebrates the positive impact migration and refugees have had on Sheffield and the UK. This year, it is taking place between 17th and 25th of June.

For more information on the festival, visit here: https://www.migrationmattersfestival.co.uk/


We are very excited to showcase our work on young migrants’ life in Ghana in an exhibition as part of the Migration Matters Festival, between Friday, 17th of June, 12:00 pm to Saturday, 25th of June, 4:00 pm.

In Ghana, one fifth of the population are aged between 15-24 years, many of whom are migrants facing a number of social and economic challenges. This exhibition explores the everyday lives and livelihoods of young migrants living in Ghana.

Comprised of photographs and narratives generated by the young migrants themselves, the exhibition examines the empowerment-vulnerability nexus of youth migrant experiences and their livelihoods.



For more information on the exhibition, please visit this link: https://www.migrationmattersfestival.co.uk/2022/young%20migrants

Looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition!